• Flag Football & Cheerleading - K-2 grades
  • Junior Tackle Football & Cheerleading - 3-4 grades
    Senior Tackle Football & Cheerleading - 5-6 grades

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Welcome Jr Redraiders!  

The first part of our season is underway, thank you to everyone that came out to sign their kids up for cheerleading and football.  

As we get closer to practice starting we will be updating information on events and important dates please check the website for that information.  

We are still looking for help with cheerleading coaches, those interested in coaching please email us at

We look forward to seeing everyone in the summer, all of the upcoming important dates will now be listed on the website.  Please stay tuned, thank you all for your hard work and participation.

A big thing this coming year is the Jr Redraiders are now proud to be a part of USA Football's Heads Up Football program.  We are officially a HUF organization through USA Football.  USA Football has many great progressions in the safety department partnered with the NFL to make the game of football safer for our youth.  Being a HUF organization gives us more in depth information about safety and concussion and how to properly teach our coaches to teach our kids.  Safety is the #1 priority!



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